Monday, 13 April 2015

Buy Your Running Gear/ Apparel under one roof at iprice!

Hi Guys,
As a Runner, we should ensure our gear / apparel in good shape and condition. Due to time constrain, we can easily shop through online at iprice

What is iprice?
- a unique up growing online shopping website which offering a great discount and promotion for online shopper.

How it is work?

step 1:
Sign up! don't forget to sign up. so you don't missed current and latest promotion and discount from iprice.

Step 2:
Look up your favorite categorizes ( either running apparel or running gadget such as from sneaker to armband) and search for latest promotion or discount. Don't forget to check out

Step 3:
 Be patient if stuff that you liked to buy, no more in promotion or discount period. Soon it will be appear since iprice always update their latest and current promotion in their facebook and twitter

Step 4 :
Don't forget to share, like and follow iprice  on twitter and facebook

Happy Shopping!!

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